sense for smile

At sense for smile you will find products with meaning and history that will bring a smile to everyone - for you and us!


The majority of our pr

oducts come from Switzerland. We know the suppliers and producers personally and attach importance to fairness, personality and the very special.

Some of our products are handmade and are unique.


We are happy to tell you the story of each product, you will be amazed!


Some products can be ordered online!


(You like a product, but you can not come by our shop? No problem, write us an email and we will find a solution together.)

Some of our products

Wonderful products for the household printed by hand.

Children's blankets hand-knotted in social women's shelters in Nepal.

Designed in Basel, produced from raw cotton to the finished towel in Kenya by Maembe. Super beautiful and functional.

Deadbags produced from old cement bags in Vietnam. From the young Zurich start-up Elephbo.

Wonderfully light and functional from Roka London. Socially and sustainably produced. Many wonderful colours.

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New all-rounder bags exclusively in Switzerland. As backpack, bag, clutch and much more from Gary Mash and produced sustainable, regional and vegan.

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Aperitif without alcohol?, Goba has two flavors that make every aperitif an experience. Made in Switzerland.

Original Glarner scarf from the company Blumer in Niederurnen. A real traditional Swiss souvenir.

Whirlwind, bibs and play balls made from old paragliders and for our little ones. Recycling at its best! Swiss made in sheltered workshops in the Grisons.

Swiss kitchen towels with genuine Swiss motifs were produced in Bütschwil, St. Gallen. High-quality souvenirs made in Switzerland.

Good projects abroad are also supported. Here wonderfully designed kitchen towels from England.

Showering with soap is a little challenge. The soap bag made of old curtains helps to store the soap properly and to soap yourself with it. Social produced in Switzerland.

Kitchen towels for every occasion and some joy when drying from Bütschwil near St. Gallen.

Beton-en was creative and made concrete products from designer art. Available now.

Naturally produced and antiallergic deodorant. In two fragrances. Deodorant cream by Seify.

Paper art from Switzerland. Each lantern made by hand with love.

Exclusively in Switzerland. Backpack, shoulder bag, handle bag and clutch in one! And even produced fair, certified, vegan and regional.

Made of old and new glass and with work integration from Switzerland.

Reduction of stress through kneading and smelling. A wonderfully relaxing product.

Now you can hear the birds tuning in spring again. With this chirping box you can them in your house.

100% natural soaps made in Switzerland for gentle washing and fine smells.

Filter coffee...fine fragrance, environmentally friendly and the most honest way to enjoy coffee. With Chemex this succeeds perfectly.

Custom designed flowers on stone or as a picture. The spring comes. Of Papierobjekte.

Taucherli, our new chocolate products, each produced by hand in Switzerland.

Wonderful cards all with social background.

Legends of Switzerland retelled and drawn. Also to colour in for the children.

Bags made from paragliders of people with mental handicaps.

Soaps produced in a psychiatric ward in Baselland. To give away or to send - simply great!

With these little bags of old curtains you just hang the soap while showering.

Coffee mug made of coffee grounds? 100% biodegradable and machine washable, Unbelievable...

Arven wood in pillows, wonderful for calming or against moths ...

Each hand-printed and sewn together. Each an individual favorite accessory.

1300 years tradition from Japan. Paper art for the window.

Bottles 0.7 or 1.0 L made of special laboratory glass. Beautifully decorated with real gold. Designed in Switzerland, produced in Germany.

On rainy days, the umbrella has to lift the mood. With this umbrella from England succeeds.

Switzerland was the stronghold of weaving and embroidery. These towels still embody this tradition from Eastern Switzerland.

We support targeted projects abroad. Here are beautiful vases from a women's project in Nepal.

"I am different - yes and?". These products were all made by people with disabilities.

A Japanese tradition of glue rolls made of paper.

These scarves are made in the slums of Delhi from ancient sari and provide income to poor families.

100 years of tradition in the production of twine, 100% made in Switzerland for home and garden.

Syrup from Eastern Switzerland. Taste variety also in organic quality. Are all ready for tasting in the store.

Tanja Grandits, operator of the restaurant Stucki in Basel and award-winning chef. To have some of their wonderful products with us too.

From the Graubünden mountains. Fresh air, a lot of sun and a lot of time make wonderful tea.

In a social Swiss workshop 100% sustainably produced screen and Tastaturwedel to fight dust and dirt.

Children's future helps people in Bali and they produce products of the highest quality..

Knife with the mountain panorama as a sword. Here especially from Davos sled in limited edition.

In India, these wonderful bags and bags are produced in social workshops.

Leather goods produced in Basel with a social background. Even individual ideas can be implemented. Ask us!

A rope factory in Winterthur produces ropes and products as it did 100 years ago.

Recycling of cement sacks in Vietnam produces wonderful products from Zurich.

Giving is something individual. If you do not know what you like, then we also have coupons to give away.

Wonderful felt products made by hand in Germany.

Sustainable scented candles made in Switzerland from soybean oil and natural fragrances.

Fight the plastic waste in this world together with us. Here with tubes made of unbreakable glass.

Our skin is sensitive and deserves special natural care.

Beautiful felt coasters for the hot pan. From social workshops in Nepal.